Thursday, March 1, 2012

39 weeks.... Still in there....

I must apologize for the lack of posts recently! I have been informed by a number of friends/family that I have unnecessarily worried/excited many of you - thinking that my absence was due to pnut's arrival and not, as was the case, my laziness!! Sorry to disappoint!!

So here we are, at 39 weeks!! As of my last appointment (Wednesday) pnut is still head down, has a strong, healthy heartbeat, and, the doctor guesstimates, is around the mid-sevens (lbs). Unfortunately, pnut has decided that mommy made too nice a home for him, and he's not coming out into the snowy/rainy, cold Northeast for as long as he can help it.  While I can appreciate his dedication to warmth, I am OVERLY ready for this little man to be born.  Gone are the days of awe and wonder at being pregnant - the days of "wow, this is so COOL!" Now we live at the corner of "OMG I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE" and "Please.... PLEASEEEEE come out!!!" As I've said over and over again, this is why this process takes as long as it does.  By the end you just don't care how he gets out, as long as you can semi-claim your body for yourself once again.

Rich has been an amazing husband and an even better friend.  While this has been true throughout this pregnancy, I am even more appreciative the farther along, and more uncomfortable, I am.  He rubs my feet at night to help with the swelling I thought I was going to be fortunate enough to avoid, he listens to me complain (constantly), he fetches me cookies when I call for them (my only true "craving"), he feeds the kitties so I don't have to bend down for their bowls, and has insisted on doing the laundry so I don't have to walk up and down 3 flights of stairs.  He is my biggest cheerleader (and manliest!) and I am SO grateful for all that he has done, continues to do, and will do in the future. Pnut is very lucky to have Rich as a daddy and I am very lucky to have him as a partner.

I'm attaching today's work picture - for those who have insisted on seeing just how big I've become.  When people ask me how I'm feeling/how big I've gotten, I tell them I feel like a beached whale... who ate a horse. Please, see for yourself :)

Hopefully the next post will include a picture of pnut!!!