Friday, November 25, 2011

25 weeks and suddenly a much rounder lady!

I had every intention of posting last week, but it's amazing how quickly time slips away!! Let's see - newest updates.  I have officially "popped".  For those of you unfamiliar with this process, this is how it works: two weeks ago, tiny belly.  A week later, it looks like I've smuggled a basketball under my shirt.  It's incredibly bizarre how it all happens.  I am grateful that I no longer look like I hit up the cookie tin a few too many times, but I have officially lost the ability to see my feet when I stand up straight.

Rich has finally been able to feel pnut kicking - which makes us both so happy (now I'm not the only one who gets to feel his soccer skills) - and Julia even got to feel it too!! He's definitely got the rolling around/kicking business perfected - I'm just hoping he keeps those cute little legs OUT of my ribs. I'm hoping that my DC crew will get to feel something when Rich and I are in town next weekend (for my 33rd birthday!!! HOLY COW!)

Since the last post, pnut has been to his first Pats game.  For the record, I will never purchase seats in the second to last row of the stadium unless I am in desperate need of some serious cardio.  Walking up and down 50+ stairs every time you need to use the ladies room, get something to drink, or get that warm pretzel you see everyone eating is serious dedication to attending a game.  Pnut also celebrated his cousin's christening (congrats Noah!!) and Thanksgiving at Glenn Terrace - both of which included delicious snacks that the entire Parziale/Astion family enjoyed greatly.

As always, we are incredibly grateful for everyone's love, support, and (ESPECIALLY) hand-me-downs.  We got a fresh new batch of goodies from Seattle (thanks to Rae, Justin, and the ladies!!) and have a bunch waiting for us in Cambridge, Wilmington, and New York.  We are a lucky lucky group - this pnut is already so loved.  We will owe everyone at least one nice dinner and many MANY hugs.

I promise to post after next weekend's trip (and DC baby shower!!).

Much love!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pnut's First Post - 23 weeks

Hello all!! 

Over two years ago my cousin was kind enough to create a blog when she was pregnant with her girls.  It is such a nice treat to be able to keep in photo/story/video contact on a regular basis (in addition to our phone conversations) - and since Rich and I have so many friends and family who don't live in the Boston area I thought it might be something nice for us to do as well!! Here it goes! 

This week pnut (aka Baby Boy Parziale)  is officially 23 weeks!  After many weeks of being concerned that I wasn't feeling his kicks, I can happily say that I've been feeling his boxing skills for the last couple of weeks.  It's a totally bizarre feeling, awesome, encouraging, but bizarre regardless.  Rich talks to his son every night - tells him how much he loves him, how much he can't wait to meet him, to stop making mommy so sick.  It might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.  If I'm excited, there are no words to describe how excited Rich is.  Pnut already has a Patriots onesie, a Bass Pro Shops onesie, and an AC/DC onesie - clearly Rich's purchases :)

In body updates, I'm definitely looking pregnant, complete with mini pregnancy waddle.  I finally had to break down and buy clogs (my cousin is smiling as she reads this, I am SURE).  I needed a comfortable slip on shoe that I could wear with socks during the winter.  After years of urging on Rae's part, and running out of other options, I gave the Dansko a shot.  You know what?  There's a reason people wear them.  They're REALLY comfortable.  My feet, back, legs have not been disappointed. 

Other than that, things are good.  Some common pregnancy complaints, but as long as pnut and I stay healthy I will thank every lucky star. 

I will try to update on a regular basis - depending on anything exciting going on - or any new adventures.  And I'll be better about taking pictures, Rich and I have been slacking until now :)