Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nearly 4 months in - sorry for the delay!

I am so sorry for the very long absence - nearly 4 months!! I can't imagine anyone wants to read all the nitty gritty details about what's been going on in the last 4 months, but how about a quick overview??

While my due date was March 6th, pnut clearly had plans of his own. It was nice and safe in mommy's belly and he decide he'd stay a while longer.  On the night of March 14th, Rich and I went to the hospital to begin eviction procedures - but I was having too many Braxton-Hicks contractions for them to do anything, so they sent us home around 10:30pm.  Around 12:30am I started having real contractions!  My labor lasted just about 18 hours - and, thanks to Rich, my godmother Meredith, the medical team, and my cheerleading squads in the waiting room (my mom, godmother Donna, and mother-in-law)  and beyond, at the end Rich and I had a beautiful, BIG baby boy named Logan Dean Parziale (born 3/15/12, 9lbs 2oz, 21 inches long).

Unfortunately, Logan took a big gulp of amniotic fluid (as far as they can tell) and had to spend a week in the NICU (Neonatal ICU) before they let him come home.  It was a difficult week, but the NICU staff was WONDERFUL and so very helpful and supportive with everything (including breastfeeding which was QUITE a struggle). 
Once home our lives surely changed! The last four months have been a roller-coaster.  Being new parents is really difficult, even in the best of situations. You are so exhausted, emotionally frayed, and out of your element and at the same time so excited and grateful and happy.  Add in extra challenges and the situation becomes even more difficult.  Thankfully Logan has two parents who DEEPLY love him and are surrounded by the most fabulous, loving, supportive, amazing support system who love both Logan and his parents. 
I am particularly grateful to Kerry Curran who convinced me to go to my first mommy's group.  As Rich said, just the other day, I am a different person after I go to my mommy group.  More relaxed, more confident, and definitely less anxious. Mommy groups have made our home a happier and healthier place - and have introduced Logan and I to a whole new group of friends!!

Logan is wonderful.  Not that I'm partial.  He has grown so much in such a short period of time.  He can roll over (one way), he can grab things (and instantly stick them in his mouth), he can sing and shout (and does so often).  He loves to stand up and is learning to love the water.  He has the best smile and inaudible giggle (which looks like a giant scream with no sound).  We are in love.

Logan has his 4 month check up next week.  As of last week he weighs 15lbs 13oz - so we're guessing he'll be at the 16lb mark by that appointment.  He's in school now (pre-nursery) and is learning how to love it (we're not there yet, but Mommy and Logan are both working on it).  I'm back at work 4 days week - my job was nice enough to let me take one day off a week, which has now become my second favorite day of the week (next to Saturday). 

Otherwise we are doing well.  Some days are easier than others.  Some days Logan and I both need extra hugs.  But, overall, Logan is happy and healthy and so are Rich and I.  For those of our friends and family who have yet to meet this little man, we cannot wait to meet you.  For those of you who just saw us yesterday, we cannot wait to see you soon.

I'll try to write and post a picture at least every week.... that will be my goal!

Love to you all!!!